Gelateria de Medici

This is a Florentine favorite. A new location in Piazza Becarria, makes this ice creamery much more accessible. Florentines flock here for excellent gelato and good prices. The original location is packed on summer evenings, with crowds gathering outside on the sidewalk until 1am. They are justly famous for Crema di Medici, a wonderful interpretation of Cookies and Cream, with a rich cream base blended with crunchy chocolate biscotti and a bit of chocolate sauce. Parisienne is almost an anomaly for Italy, it mimics the popular street treat of sugar coated almonds, but relies on dark roasted caramelized peanuts for its flavor. It is at once bitter and sweet combining the burnt sugar flavors of a crème brûlee with dark roasted peanut.  Fruit sorbetti are nearly all stellar, combining a pure intensity of flavor more potent than the fruit itself, with a light texture that almost floats off the tongue.

Look at the beautiful gelato stuffed fruits in the freezer cases. They are almost too pretty to eat, with oversized halved fruits, cut and stuffed with sorbetto.

Signature Flavors: Crema di Medici (Cookies & Cream)
Get it!: Parisienne (Candied Peanut)
Chocolate Cravings: Moro (bittersweet chocolate)
When in Season: Marron Glacee (candied chestnut semifreddo), Watermelon Sorbetto

Via dello Statuto, 3-5r, or Piazza Beccaria, Florence.; tel: 055 475156. Closed Mondays.


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