Gelateria Vivaldi

This charming gelateria and tea salon is a new addition to a piazza better known for its bars. It is a cozy oasis offering coffee, tea, and three different signature hot chocolates, of which the owners are quite proud. American desserts like brownies and carrot cake are juxtaposed with superb gelati, in both traditional and fresh flavors. The Crema Fiorentina is stunning despite its simplicity. The creamy base is vivid and bright with the addition of lots of aromatic lemon zest; while the Extra Dark Chocolate is the exact opposite; deep and dark chocolate, rich with pure cocoa flavor and flecked with crunchy cacao beans. Sorbetti are only made with seasonal fruit so in winter the selection can be quite small; but if it is in season White Fig is a revelation; each fig is peeled first before going into a sorbet that is delicate, floral and aromatic with the subtle perfume of almond blossoms.

As the gelateria has evolved they have added a lot of lactose-free gelati, relying on water and pure natural ingredients to carry the flavors through, rather than on milk substitutes.

Get It!: Crema Fiorentina (Cream with Lemon)
Signature Flavors: Straciatella alla Siciliana (Milk Chocolate Chip with Candied Orange Peel), Crema Fiorentina (Cream with Lemon)
Chocolate Cravings: Extra Dark Chocolate
When in Season: White Fig

Via dei Renai, 13r, Florence. tel: +39 055 046 7656.

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