Gelateria dei Neri

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Tired of the typical gelato?  Head to Gelateria Neri, they don’t disappoint. Alongside all the standard flavors, you have plenty to choose from. Even the standards, aren’t so standard. Chocolate comes in the ever-present chocolate and chocolate/orange, but also comes in Mexican with pistachio and chili pepper and in Cioccolato Grezzo di Modica (with the grainy sweet Sicilian chocolate), and Amaro (bitter) with deep, intense cocoa flavors. The rich Moretto, isn’t a gelato, just an incredibly dense chocolate hazelnut paste that any Nutella lover would go crazy over. The similar Caramello di Via dei Neri is the richest salted caramel you will ever come across. (Small doses are required – and addictive.) A full collection of semifreddo provide another alternative; including Millefeuille which layers crisp puff pastry with light, airy frozen mousse for fun textural contrast.

Get It!: Ricotta e Fichi (Ricotta and Fig)
Signature Flavors: Ricotta e Fichi (Ricotta and Fig), Moretto (Rich Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)
Chocolate Cravings: Amaro (Bittersweet Chocolate)

Via Dei Neri 20-22r, Firenze; tel: 055 210034

4 thoughts on “Gelateria dei Neri

    1. And it is still one of the best, especially when it comes to Ricotta and Fig or Caramel gelato. But we are spoiled here, there are so many other gelaterias that are well worth a visit.

      1. Absolutely! That one was my favorite because I lived right across the street, so convenient. I can’t wait to visit Florence again, hopefully soon!

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