Mosto Dolce

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“Sweet Must” is a must for beer lovers in Florence. A restaurant run by a brewery in near-by Prato, Mosto Dolce has a convivial casual atmosphere. Wood tables are topped with butcher paper placemats. Past guests with artistic inclination have decorated placemats which now adorn the walls, enhancing the friendly neighborhood ambiance. Amusing quotes and caricatures imbue the restaurant with a fun-loving personality.

Unsurprisingly, this is the place to come for beer, and it comes in a selection of different styles, including the award winning La Martellina sweetened with a light dose of local chestnut honey. It is lovely with slightly floral flavors and intriguing depth. The home brews cover everything from Pilsner to IPA. Black Doll is an aptly named deep, dark, chocolately beer with sweet malty flavors.

The busy pizza oven warms the restaurant, and is busy turning out pizza for all the tables. You can also get sliced meats, fried snacks, sandwiches, pasta and hamburgers. Coccoli with Strachino and Prosciutto are not to be missed. This is bar food at its best, and a Tuscan typical dish. Soft balls of dough are fried until just crisp and slightly salty, break open the piping hot dough and fill it with salty cured prosciutto and the slightly tangy, soft and spreadable stracchino cheese. It is perfection paired with beer, and Mosto Dolce does one of the best versions in town.

Pizzas carry top quality ingredients – and are an apt choice, though the crust is crisp and cracker-like at the edges, it makes for a nondescript canvas to carry more worthy flavors. A combination of burrata and ‘nduja (a spicy spreadable sausage) is notable for the extra creamy mild cheese paired with distinctly spicy ‘nduja.

Signature Dishes: La Martellina (an award winning beer brewed with honey)
Get It!: Coccoli con Strachino e Prosciutto Crudo, La Martellina beer

Via Nazionale, 114/r, Florence.; tel: +39 055 2302928

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