Golossary: Aperitivo

where to go for an aperitivo
Aperol spritz, a favorite aperitif, served with small snacks

An aperitvo is a popular phenomenon that has transformed in recent years. Classically, like the French aperitif it consisted of a cocktail in the early evening, before dinner. An aperitivo was often taken at the bar, it might be an Americano, a Spritz, a Negroni, or maybe a Campari soda or a glass of wine or Prosecco. Typically bars would put out a light snack to accompany the drink, maybe potato chips, salted nuts, etc. Now the aperitivo has morphed into a major social phenomenon, growing from its humble origins into something much bigger. Now you can find bars that provide bite sized sandwiches to those that provide an elaborate spread of hot dishes (Apericena). Now when someone invites you to an aperitivo it could mean going for a drink before dinner, or it could be dinner itself.


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