Osteria Alla Piazza

Osteria Alla Piazza is a peaceful oasis in Chianti. Outside any of the principal towns it is an idyllic escape, at once both typical and unique. Built into one of the many stone medieval borgos that pepper the region, it is both beautiful and charming. Drive by in the evening and you are captivated by the warm glow from within, softly illuminating the old stone walls. Wide windows and an expansive patio look out to views of the rolling hills of Chianti. This is destination dining.

The restaurant is not bound by tradition, instead they create a modern version of Tuscan food, based on the classics. Unusual for the region that focuses mainly on cured and grilled meats, the restaurant offers a fish menu with a number of selections. Scallops come wrapped in pancetta and served on top of pistachio cream. Homemade maltagliati are substantial and just tender, served with a light sauté of red mullet, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. You will also find Crespelle here, tender crepes filled and then baked.

The wine list offers a large variety, encasing not only the local wines, but also a number of champagnes and sparkling wines. Service is both friendly and professional. In lieu of the desserts order a glass of the excellent Rocca di Montegrossi Vin Santo. After you’ve become jaded with all the lack-luster vin santos available, this stellar version will show you what vin santo can really be. Round and full-bodied, it has none of the angular acidity of many vin santos, and instead carries the rich caramelized flavors typical of an excellent sherry.

Get It!: Try one of the dishes from the seafood menu

Signature Dishes: Eggplant Sformato with Porcini and Truffle on Pecorino Fondue, Baked Winter Squash Crepe with Meat Sauce

Località La Piazza, Castellina in Chianti. www.osteriaallapiazza.com; tel: 0577 733580

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