Aperol for All


If Italy had a national cocktail it would be the Aperol Spritz.  Yes, the Negroni is undoubtedly more famous, and deserves its heralded position; but it is the much more recent adoption of the Spritz which enjoys near national devotion.  It garnishes nearly every table at aperitivi (see Aperitivo) throughout the country, and for good reason. Oh dear Aperol, how do we love ‘thee, let us count the ways, or the whys. 

  1. Light and refreshing, you are perfect on a warm summer evening.
  2. You belong on a terrace or at an outdoor cafe.
  3. Your low alcohol content makes you ideal for an aperitif, the perfect prelude to something else to come.
  4. You can be enjoyed in multiples.
  5. You are a great lunch date.
  6. We love your delicate complexity with balanced slightly herbal flavors. You are silk to Campari’s denim.
  7. You dress up cheap Prosecco.
  8. You’re dependable.



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