Le Clos St. George

Sometimes a restaurant is all about the experience, as surely may be the case here. Sitting outside overlooking the garden and enjoying the soft early summer sun as you sip champagne strikes a favorable impression. As expected, the wine list has an incredible number of champagnes, especially from Ay, a Grand Cru, and they have a pleasantly surprising selection of half bottles. Choose a few half bottles to sample more wines, that is why you’re here.

The food is vibrant and fresh, with beautiful salads or vegetables garnishing each plate. The meal might begin with a delicate amuse of salmon tartar, a perfect foil for that champagne.  Then it could progress to a crab salad with avocado which is tasty, although heavy on the mayonnaise. A wiser choice would be a duo of foie gras, one seared and the other a terrine, it is decadent and an excellent example of this French classic. Follow that with a delicious Lobster Salad with tender mixed mesclun, buttery lobster and a light vinaigrette and you have a beautiful meal that is perfectly suited to the garden setting. A rich full bodied champagne is the perfect foil for the food.

Linger a little longer enjoying the setting, let that be your excuse to order the Grand Marnier Souffle Glace. Lighter than ice cream and enticingly flavored with Grand Marnier, a perfect follow up to the champagne, it is a suitably festive and fitting finale to this delightful meal.

Get It!: Lobster Salad, Foie Gras Duo, Grand Marnier Souffle Glace

7 Rue Jules Lobet, Ay. tel: 33

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