Top 10 Restaurants from 2014

A restaurant is rarely just about the food, it is always colored by the company, the state of being, the location, even the wine and the weather. Here were my top selections from 2014. These were some of the best and most memorable meals, but there were certainly other just contenders, places like Ristorante Crocifisso in Noto, Sicilia, or Ristoro del Lamole in Chianti. It would be impossible to eliminate David Toutain, Spring or Septime due to the exquisite food, but others were as much about very good food as they were about a casual celebration of family and friends shared together over very good food. This is the joie de vie that I search for in restaurants, and that I was happy to find here at the places below.

  1. David Toutain (Paris, France) – Refined, elegant and innovative French seasonal cooking with an Asian accent.
  2. Spring (Paris, France) – Inspired daily fixed price menu reinterpreting classic French cuisine with modern style
  3. Septime (Paris, France) – Paired down perfection: vibrant fresh seasonal ingredients with a minimalist approach to both the spot-on cooking and the industrial chic décor.
  4. Chez l’Ami Jean (Paris, France) – Boisterous and bountiful Basque bistro that cooks from the heart and the hearth. Bring your appetite!
  5. La Madia (Licata, Sicily, Italy) – A very modern, elegant interpretation of Sicilian food, with clear distilled flavors and precise technique.
  6. Settembrini (Rome, Italy) – Modern Italian cuisines with contemporary style and technique.
  7. Le Clos St. George (Ay, Champagne, France) – Champagne and seafood in the garden.
  8. Roscioli (Rome, Italy) – Classic Roman pasta perfected and the best primary ingredients.
  9. Villa San Giovanni degli Eremeti (Palermo, Italy) – Friendly and inviting garden restaurant with a passion for homemade pasta, pristine local seafood and the desire to share Sicilian culinary tradition.
  10. Quattro Leone (Florence, Italy) – Improved Italian classics, grounded in the traditional dishes, but with a freshness of flavor and presentation that matches the beautifully designed restaurant and charming flower filled patio.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Restaurants from 2014

  1. you are officially declared unwanted and expelled from this country for voting not one, but FOUR French restaurants ahead of Italian ones…

  2. Italian food is wonderful, but it is harder to find an Italian restaurant that really differentiates itself, and unfortunately many Italian restaurants don’t match their French peers when it comes to wine service or really service in general. I hope to find more Italian restaurants that are so remarkable.

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