Gelateria della Passera

This pocket-sized gelateria is nestled into a cozy little piazza in the Oltrarno. Space is so short that canisters of gelato are stacked one on top of another. The menu reads like a dance twirling through the Mediterranean and flirting with the Middle East. The aromatic ingredients used could have come straight from the spice bazaar.

The nut flavors are unsurpassed. This is the place to come for the penultimate Pistachio; but the Almond and the Pine Nut are even better, if they are available. Almond is made with almond milk, rather than with milk or cream. It is lighter than gelato, and a bit gritty due to the ground almonds, liken it to a soft cool frozen marzipan. It has the delicate floral nuances of the best almond pastes. Pine Nut and Pistachio are more classical in style, yet they too have an unparalleled intensity of flavor, with just a suggestion of salt to balance their sweetness and enhance the flavor of the nuts.

Get It!: Mandorla (Almond); Pinolo (Pinenut)
Signature Flavors: Sharazad (Rosewater and Mascarpone)
Chocolate Cravings: go to Gelateria Ponte Santa Trinita or La Carraia instead

Via Toscanella, 15r, Firenze.; tel: 055 291882

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