How to a Eat Panino con Lampredotto

Panino con lampredotto sandwich
Panino con Lampredotto
  1. This is Florentine street food. Buy it from one of the trucks/trailers turned food stands that you find at busy junctions. For the best experience, look for a stand where the patrons are Florentines.
  2. Ask for the “completo” with both salsa verde and chili sauce.
  3. Make sure you have something to drink, you’ll need it. Inexpensive red table wine in a plastic cup is ideal. That and a liter of water.
  4. Grab extra napkins.
  5. Keep your panino in its wrapper, holding it loosely.
  6. Bend over to take your first bite, holding the panino away from you. Be careful not to press too hard.
  7. Relish and enjoy. Each bite gets better as you go.
  8. Keep the wrapper tight around the panino to catch all the juices.
  9. Gently ease the meat back into the bun as needed. (Do this without removing the plastic).
  10. Savor the last bite that has sopped up all the sauce and juice.
  11. Wipe hands. This is the ideal time for your travel-sized hand sanitizer. Use liberally. Wipe hands again.
  12. Lick lips.
  13. Smile.

See: Golossary: Lampredotto for a definition.

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