St. Joseph’s Day Frittelle

fritelle sweet rice fritter dessert
Fritelle fresh from the fryer

March 19 is St. Joseph’s day, when Italians celebrate Fathers’ Day. It is also a day when they eat Frittelle di Riso throughout Tuscany. These delectable treats were once reserved for this special day; now you see them throughout the Carnevale season and leading up to Easter, but you see them especially on St. Joseph’s Day when all the bakeries offer them.

Fritelle di Riso come both with and without raisins. Some fritelle are dense with rice, others custardy smooth within. Some fritelle are crispy on the outside, others are soft, squishy and covered with a layer of fine sugar. But like so many fried Italian food, they are almost all good.

Recommended: The week of St. Joseph’s Day, Pasticceria Stefania offers a delicious if nontraditional Fritelle with raisins, apple and marsala.

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