Golossary: Agnello Pasquale

typical italian easter dessert from sicily
A marzipan lamb is a typical Sicilian Easter dessert. This ricotta and candied fruit filled version is from Il Re Gelato in Florence.

A very sweet Sicilian Easter tradition, the Agnello Pasquale (Easter Lamb) is an impressive beauty to behold. Sweet almond marzipan is sculpted into the shape of a lamb, a symbol of Christ and Easter. The lamb may be filled or decorated, variations abound. Often the lamb is decorated with a pure white crisp sugar or meringue coating to resemble its wooly coat. Fillings vary, but some traditional ones include pistachio paste or candied citron, others are filled with fresh ricotta and candied fruit for a cassata like dessert. Candied citron brings out the natural orange flower aromas buried deep within almonds and add suggestion of lemon zest which tempers some of the sweetness. The simplest versions are just pure marzipan.


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