Golossary: Pan di Ramarino

Pan di Ramarino typical sweet bread Thursday before Easter in Tuscany
Pan di Rosmarino is the typical bread eaten the Thursday before Easter in Tuscany

Although you can often find it throughout the year, this sweet bun is traditionally sold on Holy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, at bakeries throughout Tuscany when it has often been blessed by a priest beforehand. If it is so fortunate, it will be labeled “Pane Benedetto.” “Ramarino” comes from the Tuscan dialect for “rosemary” whose piney flavors and aromas permeate each bite. Raisins and a very thin sugar wash on top of the bread steer the roll in a sweet direction. That glaze crisps ever so slightly in the oven adding a hint of contrast to the soft dense interior.


2 thoughts on “Golossary: Pan di Ramarino

  1. I remember visiting a monastery in Florence where the monks made and sold Ouzo I think it was. It seems the priests have quite a few extra-curricular activities.

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