Godò Osteria

Just outside of the historical center, where the street curves to go up to Fiesole, Godò is a warm and welcoming neighborhood restaurant in a leaf filled piazza. Outdoor tables provide seating in good weather. Inside, a wall is lined with shelves of wine bottles, the selection is small, but the owners take care in their selection. Large chalkboards on the walls advertise the menu, daily specials or wine by the class. Options start with the Tuscan standards, but they aren’t afraid of creative liberty.

In summer a Tomato Sformato with Crema di Burrata (Tomato Pudding with Burrata Sauce) was a sophisticated riff on the Caprese. The sformato itself is the essence of pure tomato, an exquisite pomodoro sauce, but with the soft solid texture of pudding. The intensity of the tomato is a vibrant streak of pure flavor softened by creamy warm burrata sauce. Make sure to get it with Burrata sauce and not the Mozzarella which they have started serving instead. Large ricotta filled ravioli come paired with a creamy sauce made yellow by zucchini flowers, and classic Sienese Pici (like a thick spaghetti) are often served with lobster in tomato sauce for a delicious, if difficult to eat, dish.

Signature Dishes: Millefoglia di Pescespade con Melanzana (Swordfish and Eggplant Napoleon), Tortelli con Salsa di Fiore di Zucca (Ricotta Ravioli with Zuchini Flower Sauce)
Get It!: Sformato di Pomodoro con Crema di Burrata (Tomato Custard with Burrata Sauce)

Piazza Edison, 3/4r, Florence. www.godoristorante.it; tel: 055583881


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