Tripperia delle Cure

Slightly outside the historical center, Le Cure is an authentic local daily market, and this popular tripperia serves the vendors and locals alike. They offer a daily rotation of lampredotto and tripe dishes. Try the Lampredotto con Porcini (with porcini mushrooms) for an interesting study in texture, the meaty mushrooms mimic the slightly resilient lampredotto that melts in the mouth. The two of which are at home in a flavorful tomato sauce. Variations on this theme include Lampredotto con Fagioli (beans), Carciofi (aritchokes) or Inzimino (with tomato and spinach). Specials vary daily.

The owners are friendly, ready to partake in banter with their guests. You can opt for the classic Panino con Lampredetto (sandwich) or buy a plated portion of tripe or lampredotto which comes with bread. The joy here is in trying one of the many rich lampredetto stews and enjoying the classic atmosphere of the tripe stand. 

Signature Dish: Lampredotto in multiple different sauces
Get It!: Lampredotto con Porcini (available Tuesday or Saturday)

Piazza delle Cure, Florence. tel: 339 202 6496


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