Caffé Cibreo

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Yet another state in the Cibreo Empire, this popular cafe has a lot going for it. Most of all, Chef Fabbio Pichi and the kitchen of Cibreo behind it. But most people come for the outdoor patio with its sunny setting right outside the Sant’Ambrogio market. On sunny mornings, tables are full of people taking a cappuccino, sacks of fresh produce at their feet. Open continuously from morning to night, you can come here for a coffee and pastry, a spritz or for a full meal.

A patchwork of four tiny dining rooms built around a central bar, the restaurant feels cozy and close. Built with warm wooden walls and floors, with a mitch-match of décor including velvety seats that look rescued from an old theater, the Caffé seems the hybrid of the three other properties with prices and service hovering firmly above the typical casual trattoria.

Don’t let the word “Caffé” the title confuse you, a meal here doesn’t come at caffé prices. There is a daily fixed menu which offers a small selection of dishes. But perhaps to best capture this place it is best to come late morning on a sunny spring day and sit outdoors with a Spritz as you watch the world go by; or come in the morning and stand at the bar as you enjoy a cappuccino and what is probably the best Cornetto alla Crema (Cream filled Croissant) in town.  It is not to be missed. The dough is inflected with a hint of lemon zest, and has a softer thicker feel than a flaky croissant, though with the same buttery richness. Instead, what strikes you, is the fluffy mousse-like texture of the eggy sweet custard that fills it.

A meal here is accompanied by crusty bread and thick almond flavored Skordalia (Garlic Almond Spread) to spread on top. The classic chicken liver crostini converts even avowed liver dissenters, deftly balancing the funky liver flavors with just a hint of sweetness and a rich creamy smooth texture. A bowl of one of their signature velvety soups (both the yellow pepper and the fish soup are very good) and the chicken liver crostini or even the almond skordalia, makes a lovely cool weather lunch.

Signature Dish: Polpettini di Pollo e Ricotta (Chicken and Ricotta Meatballs)
Get It!: Crostini di Fegato (Bread with Chicken Liver Spread) or in the morning the amazing Cornetto alla Crema (Cream filled Croissant)

Via A. Del Verrocchio, 5r, Florence. tel: +39 055 234 58 53

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