La Prosciutteria


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Just down the street from the always bustling Antico Vinaio, La Prosciutteria is a just alternative, and much more comfortable. Like Antico Vinaio, La Prosciutteria offers stuffed schiacciatta sandwiches overloaded with flavor. Choose from among any of your favorite sliced cured meats, from mildly sweet mortadella, to rich and fatty sopprasata or the classic Tuscan finochiona. Then choose what to put on top, anything from simple grilled eggplant to artichokes or sun-dried tomatoes marinated in oil.

Flavorful sauces and spreads set La Prosciutteria apart, and will ensure that you will need multiple napkins. This is not easy eating, the last bite explodes in a mess of sauce and sliced meat. Choose from a sweet and tangy Sundried Tomato and Almond spread or the rich and creamy Porcini and Ricotta sauce that is the essence of porcini. This sauce could make anything taste good.

The small tavern like atmosphere is warm and cozy with soft lighting and prosciutto hanging from the ceiling, drip cups still attached. It is visual reinforcement that La Prosciutteria produces many of their own cured meats. An additional table outside is nestled under an overhang creating an inviting indoor/outdoor dining nook with prime people watching over Via dei Neri.

A few hot dishes like unremarkable Ribollita, add something to the menu of sandwiches and sliced meats or cheese plates. There is a good selection of wine by the glass, with special notice given to wines made by their “friends.”

It would be easy to bypass La Prosciutteria, dismissing it as a franchise; but the setting is cozy, the staff is very friendly and accommodating, and the setting is warm and comfortable — and most importantly there isn’t a half hour wait for a sandwich.

Get it!: Schiacciata sandwich with Porcini and Ricotta Sauce and cured meat of your choice
Signature Dishes: Schiacciata sandwiches with salumi

Via de’ Neri, 54r, Florence. tel: +39 055 2654472

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