Golossary: Crespelle Fiorentina

Florentines love their spinach. Yes they are famous for their steak; but it is the spinach that appears everywhere: the filling for the ricotta and spinach tortelli (ravioli) on every menu; stewed and braised with squid for inzimino, and as a side dish to grilled meats, like that steak.

Crespelle Fiorentina (Florentine Crepes) is a once classic dish that has become more difficult to find. Only a few restaurants offer it, and often only as a special. Similar to lasagna, the same ricotta and spinach combo that stuffs ravioli all over Italy, this time fills tender thin crepes. The crepes are rolled into logs, topped with tomato sauce, and often layered with a generous dollop of bechamel too, before taking a turn in the oven. The form allows for much more filling, creating a superior filling:wrapper ratio. Top that with that bubbling tomato sauce and a glaze of creamy bechamel and you have a warming dish, lighter than lasagna, but equally fulfilling.

Recommended: La Sosta de’ Golosi is a working man’s canteen that caters primarily to bank employees just steps from the Florence Duomo, Crespelle make a regular appearance on the menu, although the filling and sauce change frequently. Go for the classic.

La Sosta de’ Golosi, Via dei Pecori, Florence.

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