Il Procopio

Still proudly touting their win at the 2011 Gelato Festival, Il Procopio is best known for their winning combination of almond, pistachio and orange peel. It is wonderful. Many of their other flavors follow suit. This isn’t the place to come for nuanced subtlety, nor the tried and true. Instead, come here for new combinations of classic flavors that have real lasting power.

Gelatos are logically conceived, and executed with skill. This isn’t creativity for creativity sake; but rather well tested combinations that make you wonder why nobody else does it. Almond, pistachio and orange peel go wonderfully together. As do the coffee, chocolate and rum found in the Jamaican Dream.

Il Procopio is definitely a place where more is more. There is no understated elegance, nor the classic simplicity which usually rules the Italian table. And you feel the difference. Gelato here is heavier and richer than at many other places. It isn’t just the mix-ins, but also the cream content. It skews to the overly indulgent, but if you’re going to indulge; this is a good place to go all out.

Sacher Torte is goes beyond even your optimistic expectations, you can actually taste the apricot against the dark chocolate base, and the chocolate cake adds a nice chewy texture against the creamy ice cream.

Signature Flavors: Il Procopio (Almond, Pistachio, Candied Orange); Folla del Procopio (Cream with Caramelized Figs, Pine Nuts and Toasted Almonds)
Get It!: Il Procopio (Almond, Pistachio, Candied Orange), Sacher Torte (Sacher Torte)
Chocolate Cravings: Sacher Torte (Sacher Torte)
When in Season: Crema d’Autunno (Candied Chestnuts, Chestnut Gelato, Chocolate, Rum)

Via Pietrapiana, 60 r, Florence. tel: +39 055 234 6014.

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