A Florentine favorite to be sure. This is the local’s hangout, people of all ages flock to Badiani to have a coffee, meet a friend, have ice cream. It is popular from morning until late at night. A modern airy dining room and covered outdoor street seating means that this is a great place to linger with friends.

Badiani is famous first and foremost as the creator of the ubiquitous Buontalenti flavor. Created for a special contest in 1979, Buontalenti is now offered at almost every gelateria in Florence; but Badiani is definitely the place to come to discover the flavor that epitomizes Florence’s gelato scene.

While Buontalenti is the star, and there are always at least two trays of Buontalenti in the case, plenty of other flavors abound. Popular choices include a cherry topped Cheesecake, Crema con Arrancia (think Italian Creamsicle), Pistachio, and other complex confections with swirls of hazelnut or gianduia. Made for chocolate lovers, Fondente is a bittersweet chocolate that toes the line on being too bitter. Flavors change regularly, with a number of interesting flavors making their appearance in the rotation.

Signature Flavors: Buontalenti (Cream)
Get it!: Buontalenti (Cream)
Chocolate Craving: Fondente (Dark Chocolate)

Viale dei Mille, 20, Firenze;; tel: 055 578682. Closed Tuesday

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