La Strega Nocciola 

Just across from the Ponte Vecchio, La Strega Nocciola is an attractive eco-chic gelateria that would be at home in Brooklyn with its alterna-farmhouse vibe. Despite the large space, there are a few industrial style stools and old-fashioned milk-bottle style cannisters which double as tables. It is cool and hip while conveying an eco-conscious attitude. Like many of the other new and notable gelaterias, both the labels and the workers are bilingual.

Flavors are pure and intense. The Buontalenti is so buttery you could spread it on toast; (try spreading it on brioche and let me know how it goes…) It has a rich, true, double cream flavor, void of excess sugar or other competing flavors of vanilla or citrus. The Nocciolo (Hazelnut) has the intense creamy hazelnut flavor that lovers of Belgian chocolates will instantly recognize, and fall in love with. The intensity of flavor makes La Strega worth a visit, to see what all the standard flavors are really about, but don’t limit yourself, they sure don’t. Unafraid to experiment, you will find flavors like Lavender or Azteca with white chocolate and cinnamon. The later of which has a creamy base struck through with spicy cinnamon, it is at ccool, creamy and spicy, a bewitching combination.

Signature Flavor: Lavender, Nocciolo (Hazelnut)
Get it!: Azteca (White Chocolate with Cinnamon)
Chocolate Cravings: Head to La Carraia or Vivaldi instead.

Via dell’Olivuzzo, 118, Florence.; tel: +39 055 3988013
Via de’ Bardi, 51 red, Florence.; tel: +39 055 2382150
Via Ricasoli, 16red,; tel: +39 055 217375
Via della Vita, 100, Rome.; tel: +39 06 89017096

3 thoughts on “La Strega Nocciola 

    1. You’re welcome. It has a convenient location right by the Ponte Vecchio. It’s quite good, but pricey due to the location. Luckily Florence has dozens of fantastic gelaterie. My favorites include Vivoli and Gelateria di Neri.

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