Golossary: Panuozzo


Panuozzo is a cross between a pizza and a panino (sandwich) that comes from the town of Gragnano, a town famous for its excellent dried pasta; but the panuozzo is perhaps more deserving and certainly more unique. The base is the same dough which makes the Neopolitan style pizza so revered – in this case it is stretched and roasted in the oven, as is, where it inflates like a big balloon. Coming out of the oven, it is sliced in half horizontally and stuffed with any manner of fillings: assorted cheeses and tomatoes are among the most common, but assorted cured meats are also possible

Recommended Panuozzo: Fuoco Matto, Florence (pictured above)

4 thoughts on “Golossary: Panuozzo

    1. I hear pannuozo have arrived in New York, in another 2 years they might be across the US in the more upmaket pizza restaurants which is a bit strange to say for a pizza sandwich

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