Bella Blu

A summer excursion; Bella Blu is only a few kilometers outside Florence, in Maiano, on the hill towards Fiesole. The outdoor patio and garden is packed with people of all ages escaping the oppressive heat of Florence in the summer. Surrounded by trees, tucked away at the end of the road that leads into the wooded foothills, you would never guess you are just outside the city center.

A full bar is available, and Bella Blu is known for their cocktails and their aperitivo as well as their creative of extra-large ice cream sundaes with creative flavor combinations, toppings and sauces (including a line of Sundaes topped with liquors,) but you will pay a hefty price for these. Instead get a cup of your choosing. The staff is patient and friendly, happy to discuss any of the flavors or the ingredients.

The Cioccolato Fondente (bittersweet chocolate) chocolate is rich and truffle-like, full of pure bittersweet chocolate flavor. It is one of the best around. Fruit flavors are equally intense; although sadly, some boast colors which must be artificially enhanced. Apricot is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, with the supercharged apricot flavor of an apricot jam; while Melon is creamy, sweet and full of floral aromas. Nutella is a must for fans of the spread; for haters, it is also worth a try as it might open your mind. Made with just milk and Nutella (no cream, no eggs) it isn’t as cloying as the spread itself, and has the nice nuanced flavors of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.

Come here on a late summer evening, and settle down and relax with friends and families having a drink or a sundae on the lawn out back. This is Florence in the summer.

Signature Flavors: Nutella
Get It!: Cioccolato Fondente (Bittersweet Chocolate),
Chocolate Cravings: Cioccolato Fondente (Bittersweet Chocolate)
When in Season: Albiococca (Apricot)

 TIP: Order and pay for your gelato at the counter, and then go outside and sit down for a picnic on the lawn, you’ll pay ¼ of the price.

Via Cave di Maiano, 3a; Fiesole, 055 598976

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