A Casa Mia


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The name says it all, A Casa Mia, “At My House.”

It’s a shtick.  This is the living, breathing stereotype of what tourists want. A warm, rustic, dining room with worn wooden tables crowded close together under a brick arched ceiling. Kids watercolors line the walls. Tables are set with eclectic glassware, a straw lined fiasco of red table wine and a butcher paper place mat. Are you missing a spoon? Grab one from the drawer set into your table.

Six or seven wines are offered by the bottle; but why bother. At someone’s house, you drink what’s on the table, and here you only pay for what you drink – finish the flask, pay full price; drink half, and pay accordingly. The menu is focused: mixed cured meats and cheeses to start a handful of pastas: tortelli (ravioli with spinach and ricotta), fettucine with porcini mushrooms and spaghetti with tomato sauce plus a few specials thrown in. Many of the pastas arrive straight from the stove, still in the saute pan.

Everyone begins with Antipasto Misto, a mixed plate of several classic appetizers: classic Tuscan chicken liver crostini, fried vegetables, pecorino cheese with honey, prosciutto with melon, mozzarella with tomato, mozzarella with anchovy, grilled vegetables, salumi and mixed crostini (slices of bread) topped with white beans, diced tomato and a spicy tomato sauce. The chicken liver is delicious, slightly sweet and savory all at once, the gamy liver tamed into creamy submission.

Pastas are simple, and lightly seasoned. Fresh porcini mushrooms come with abundant nepitalla, a wild local herb with a slightly minty flavor, but resembling thyme or oregano. Ask for cheese and a wedge of parmiggiano arrives at the table along with a grater. This is DIY service.

Desserts follow the same home-cooked ethos, but when was the last time your friend served you seven desserts? Although, in theory you could order just one, no-one does, with every table either opting out or going all-in for the tasting platter. This includes: rustic apple cake, peaches in red wine, cheese cake, a dense cocoa flavored chocolate torte (not sweet at all), blackberry jam crostata with a cakelike crust, a cake topped with thick eggy custard and a dish of fresh fruit with grapes and pineapple. Some are good, others not as much — all fairly simple Italian style home cooking; but after all you’re at someone’s house.

Signature Dishes: Mixed Antipasti (Mixed Appetizers), Mixed Dessert Platter
Get It!: Chicken Liver Pate, Fettucine with Porcini

Via Santa Maria a Macerata, 4, Montefiridolfi. www.acasamia.eu. tel: (+39) 055 8244392. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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