Golossary: Panforte or Pan Pepato

Panforte is the gentrified elaboration of Panpepato, a rich durable Christmas sweet that was produced as far back as the 13th century in the province of Siena. Renowned for its energy giving ingredients,  panforte is a dense disk of toasted almonds and walnuts with candied citrus, candied melon, honey, flour, sugar and spices including coriander, cinnamon and clove. Modern versions, available year round, may feature candied figs or citron instead of the melon, or may come covered in dark chocolate.

Panpepato, which has even older origins, has even stronger flavors, taking its name from the generous dose of black pepper which gives it spice. In addition to the ingredients featured in panforte, panpepato also has raisins, orange zest, hazelnuts and bitter cocoa powder.

Also called: Pampetato or Pan Pepato

4 thoughts on “Golossary: Panforte or Pan Pepato

    1. Panpepato, which is a much older recipe relied on pepper, as it was a more commonly available spice that was often used in the Middle Ages to mask off flavors. Panforte, on the other hand, has a sweeter, less spicy flavor, but they are both quite similar — and I find that most people tend to like them.

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