Golossary: Castagnole

These typical Carnevale cookies are one of the most widely spread Carnevale desserts in Italy, with Liguria, Romagna (where they add aniseed), Le Marche and Lazio all claiming them. Like the majority of Carnevale pastries, or so it seems, these too are fried, or better yet, filled and fried, then topped with a thin dusting of superfine sugar. The soft cookie-like crumb is flavored with lemon zest or liquor. Inside you might find sweet cream filling with just a suggestion of lemon zest, or a creamy chocolate filling with a hint of hazelnut.  With flavor akin to a cross between a thick sugar cookie and sweet tart crust, and moist crumbly texture, they hardly seem fried.

Pictured above, filled Castagnole from Campania.

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