Gelateria della Passera

This pocket-sized gelateria is nestled into a cozy little piazza in the Oltrarno. Space is so short that canisters of gelato are stacked one on top of another. The menu reads like a dance twirling through the Mediterranean and flirting with the Middle East. The aromatic ingredients used could have come straight from the spice bazaar. The nut flavors are unsurpassed. This is the place … Continue reading Gelateria della Passera

Perché No!

Perché No’s unique history goes back to being a traditional dairy store since 1939. Up until the war they were locally known for ice cream and whipped cream. They made it through wartime rationing, by creatively using what limited ingredients they had, including egg whites and apple puree, to mimic the tastes and flavors of their frozen treats. By the end of the war they … Continue reading Perché No!

Il Re Gelato

This Sicilian pasticceria and gelateria is justly popular. Don’t let the bright colors of the cassata draw your eye from the real scene-stealers, the gelato and granite. Pastry chef and owner Toni Cafarelli isn’t afraid to experiment. While the majority of the flavors are familiar, you may stumble across Ricotta with Beet or a bright blue gelato flavored with anise and a type of algae … Continue reading Il Re Gelato