Golossary: Granita

Italian for slushy, but so much better! Theory is that the Arabs brought this sweet icy concoction to Sicily where they mixed their flavored syrups with the snow and ice of Etna and without a doubt, Sicily still has the best granita to be found. Paired with brioche, it makes a typical summer breakfast both cool and refreshing, and appealing in the hot Sicilian summer. … Continue reading Golossary: Granita

Florentine traditional dish crespelle fiorentina spinach and ricotta crepes with bechamel sauce

Golossary: Crespelle Fiorentina

Florentines love their spinach. Yes they are famous for their steak; but it is the spinach that appears everywhere: the filling for the ricotta and spinach tortelli (ravioli) on every menu; stewed and braised with squid for inzimino, and as a side dish to grilled meats, like that steak. Crespelle Fiorentina (Florentine Crepes) is a once classic dish that has become more difficult to find. Only … Continue reading Golossary: Crespelle Fiorentina

Tripperia delle Cure

Slightly outside the historical center, Le Cure is an authentic local daily market, and this popular tripperia serves the vendors and locals alike. They offer a daily rotation of lampredotto and tripe dishes. Try the Lampredotto con Porcini (with porcini mushrooms) for an interesting study in texture, the meaty mushrooms mimic the slightly resilient lampredotto that melts in the mouth. The two of which are … Continue reading Tripperia delle Cure

Golossary: Torta Pastiera

This Neapolitan Easter pie has become so well loved it is now available year around, and you will see it during the Easter season in pasticcerias throughout the boot. Don’t let it pass you by. It’s beguiling aromas of orange flower captivate, and could easily sweep you away to an exotic Moroccan oasis. A sweet, crumbly cookie crust holds that dense aromatic interior. The filling … Continue reading Golossary: Torta Pastiera

How to a Eat Panino con Lampredotto

This is Florentine street food. Buy it from one of the trucks/trailers turned food stands that you find at busy junctions. For the best experience, look for a stand where the patrons are Florentines. Ask for the “completo” with both salsa verde and chili sauce. Make sure you have something to drink, you’ll need it. Inexpensive red table wine in a plastic cup is ideal. … Continue reading How to a Eat Panino con Lampredotto

Golossary: Pinzimonio

Carrot and celery sticks with ranch dip it is not. This is crudité – Italian style. Like a lot of Italian food, it is very simple, and thus completely dependent on great ingredients. Pinzimonio is best in early Spring when young vegetables are sweet and crisp, or then again in late Autumn after the olive harvest when you have the first olio nuovo (new oil) … Continue reading Golossary: Pinzimonio

Golossary: Cenci

Cenci, Chiacchere, Crostoli, etc. – What’s in a name? These carnival treats go by a different name in every town. They may be called cenci in Florence, but chiacchere elsewhere. Chiacchere is one of the more common names and a particularly evocative one. “Chiacchere” is to chat or chatter, and the name comes from the sound of the pastry bubbling in the hot oil. Lucca … Continue reading Golossary: Cenci

Villa San Giovanni degli Eremiti

Sit in the courtyard and escape the chaos of the Palermo city streets. You are just steps away from the famous Chiesa di San Giovani degli Eremiti and its garden oasis. In fact, you are in your own little oasis. Relax, enjoy and let the wonderful staff guide you. Service is friendly and accommodating, providing guidance to diners and eager to make suggestions, they will steer … Continue reading Villa San Giovanni degli Eremiti