Best Schiacciata Fiorentina in Florence at Giorgio Pasticceria


One of Florence’s favorite pastry shops also makes excellent seafood lunches Continue reading Giorgio

Capuccino and a Pesche Ripieno cookie

Golossary: Pesche Ripiene

A traditional Tuscan dessert that has many variations and a rather confounding name. Continue reading Golossary: Pesche Ripiene

Cavallucci traditional christmas cookies from Siena

Golossary: Cavallucci

Traditional Christmas cookies from Siena – like a cross between a meringue and a hot cross bun Continue reading Golossary: Cavallucci

Panforte tuscan Christmas dessert from siena

Golossary: Panforte or Pan Pepato

The famed Christmas “fruit cake” from Siena Continue reading Golossary: Panforte or Pan Pepato

Riciarelli sweet almond cookies from Siena

Golossary: Ricciarelli 

Soft sweet almond cookies from Siena, like a macaroon without the filling. Continue reading Golossary: Ricciarelli 

delicious fig crostata from pecchia pasticceria best pastry shop in follonica

Pecchia Pasticceria

Incredible pastries and cappuccino in this Tuscan beach town Continue reading Pecchia Pasticceria