Goloso  1) adj.  – greedy, 2) noun – someone who takes much pleasure from food, is drawn to it, and appreciates it immensely, i.e. goloso di dolci – to have a sweet tooth

Glossary – (noun) alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject

Golossary – an alphabetical list of words relating to some of the foods & drinks worth discovering in Italy. Click on each below to discover more


Abbacchio – young lamb (about 6 weeks), a Roman favorite, especially in Spring

Agnello Pasquale – super cute marzipan Easter treat

Baccelli – fava beans, often enjoyed raw in Florence, or in Vignarola in Rome

Buontalenti – ice cream flavor unique to Florence, click link for more.

Busiate – typical Sicilian pasta shape, long corkscrew

Carciofi alla Giudia (Jewish Style Artichokes) – not your typical fried artichoke!

Cacio e Pepe – cheese and pepper, a typical Roman pasta sauce, also common in Florence served with pici

Carbonara – see Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Casatiello – rich Easter bread stuffed with salumi and hard-boiled eggs, typical of Naples

Castagnole – typical Carnevale fried cookie

Cavallucci – classical cookie from Siena

Cenci – dough strips fried crisp and tossed with sugar, typical of Carnevale

Chiacchere – see Cenci

Coccoli – balls of puffy fried dough, often stuffed with a creamy cheese and prosciutto

Colomba – typical Easter cake, similar to Panettone

Crespelle Fiorentina – baked spinach crepes with tomato sauce and bechamel

Crostoli – see Cenci

Fritelle di Riso – Sweet rice fritters, typical of Carnevale in Florence and served everywhere on March 19

Fritelle Veneziane – Venitian typical Carnevale dessert, like a light custard filled donut hole

Granita – what slushies aspire to be

Guanciale – cured pork cheek, like bacon but better

Lampredotto – it’s one of those things, if you have to ask, you probably don’t want to know – but it’s good, and Florentines love to eat it in sandwiches

Lardo – just like it sounds, but so much better than you think – rich, salty and flavorful

Marzolino – fresh young spring time cheese

Monte Bianco – chestnut dessert

Panforte – typical medieval fruitcake from Siena; don’t judge!

Panuozzo – like a stuffed pizza sandwich

Pan Pepato – even older old fruitcake recipe from Siena

Pasta alla Norma – Sicilian pasta dish with fried eggplant and tomato sauce

Pastiera – Typical Neopolitan Easter pie, thankfully now available all year

Peposo dell’Impruneta – Florentine Renaissance era beef stew with lots of black pepper

Pesche Ripiene – stuffed peaches – or a cookie masquerading as one

Pinzimonio – the Italian veggie dip

Poppa –  ummm, don’t ask (but you can find out if you follow the link)

Potiza – Chocolate rum raisin easter sweet bread from Trieste

Putiza or Putizza – see Potiza

Presnitz – Another Easter pastry from Trieste

Quaresimali – like a cocoa meringue alphabet cookie

Riciarelli – sweet almond cookies typical of Siena

Schiacciata – Tuscan focaccia

Schiacciata all’Uva – grape bread, a typical fall/harvest dessert in Tuscany

Schiacciata alla Fiorentina – typical cake for Carnevale from Florence

Sformato – vegetable custard, or maybe not

Spaghetti alla Carbonara – famous Roman dish, like spaghetti with bacon and eggs, but so much better

Vignarola – typical Spring Roman vegetable dish