Osteria Le Panzanelle

After the overdose of German, French, Dutch and English conversations you’ve heard at the tables of the other restaurants of Chianti, it is worth giving Osteria Le Panzanelle a try. Yes, you will still find tourists here. But you will also find Italians, lots of them; they come here for the great value. This small restaurant in a tiny town between Panzano and Radda in … Continue reading Osteria Le Panzanelle

Perché No!

Perché No’s unique history goes back to being a traditional dairy store since 1939. Up until the war they were locally known for ice cream and whipped cream. They made it through wartime rationing, by creatively using what limited ingredients they had, including egg whites and apple puree, to mimic the tastes and flavors of their frozen treats. By the end of the war they … Continue reading Perché No!

Golossary: Monte Bianco

The forefather for the French Mont Blanc, the Monte Bianco is a mountain of sweet chestnut puree and whipped cream, named after the alpine peak. The chestnuts have a subtle creamy sweetness which is complemented by the whipped cream. It is usually garnished with a candied chestnut. Variations range from piles of spaghetti looking puree topped with a bit of cream, to elegant confections of snow covered mountains … Continue reading Golossary: Monte Bianco


Gelateria de Medici

This is a Florentine favorite. A new location in Piazza Becarria, makes this ice creamery much more accessible. Florentines flock here for excellent gelato and good prices. The original location is packed on summer evenings, with crowds gathering outside on the sidewalk until 1am. They are justly famous for Crema di Medici, a wonderful interpretation of Cookies and Cream, with a rich cream base blended with crunchy … Continue reading Gelateria de Medici