Golossary: Granita

Italian for slushy, but so much better! Theory is that the Arabs brought this sweet icy concoction to Sicily where they mixed their flavored syrups with the snow and ice of Etna and without a doubt, Sicily still has the best granita to be found. Paired with brioche, it makes a typical summer breakfast both cool and refreshing, and appealing in the hot Sicilian summer. … Continue reading Golossary: Granita


This sprawling café, cocktail bar and restaurant takes up nearly a full city block on the heavily trafficked Via Settembrini, but divided into distinctly different spaces, each maintains a unique character. The restaurant is a quite oasis, an elegant shift from the busy street. The décor is classy but personal, with a blackboard on one wall listing wines by the glass, and quirky books, beakers and … Continue reading Settembrini

Coffee Culture

Coffee is one thing Italy does better than anyone else. You must be initiated into the cult of coffee, and there are rules you must heed. You will have ample opportunity to practice, because almost every meeting, every invitation, begins with coffee. The Americans might have mastered the Starbucks style customized coffee drink, or the super sized caffeine fueled dessert in a glass; but the … Continue reading Coffee Culture