Quaresimali typical Tuscan easter cookie

Golossary: Quaresimali

Alphabet shaped crisp cocoa cookies once a specialty in the Lenten period between Carnevale and Easter. Continue reading Golossary: Quaresimali


Renegade Colomba

Yes Colomba is an Easter tradition in much of Italy. (There is also Torta Pastiera, Agnello Pasquale and other non-sweet dishes like lamb.) But where many of the typical Easter dishes vary from region to region, Colomba, like Panettone, has infiltrated most of the country, and has transformed into many different iterations, including many non-classical versions. For those who want something different – these two producers offer … Continue reading Renegade Colomba

Golossary: Agnello Pasquale

A very sweet Sicilian Easter tradition, the Agnello Pasquale (Easter Lamb) is an impressive beauty to behold. Sweet almond marzipan is sculpted into the shape of a lamb, a symbol of Christ and Easter. The lamb may be filled or decorated, variations abound. Often the lamb is decorated with a pure white crisp sugar or meringue coating to resemble its wooly coat. Fillings vary, but … Continue reading Golossary: Agnello Pasquale

Golossary: Colomba

Colomba is the Easter Panettone. It gets its name from its dove shape, the symbol of peace. Like panettone, it is a rich egg bread, tall and yeasty, and in the best cases, incredibly light in texture. The bread should pull apart easily in thick chunks, with large air pockets trapped inside. Like Panettone, the Colomba traditionally contains candied fruit, but the top is crusted … Continue reading Golossary: Colomba

Golossary: Torta Pastiera

This Neapolitan Easter pie has become so well loved it is now available year around, and you will see it during the Easter season in pasticcerias throughout the boot. Don’t let it pass you by. It’s beguiling aromas of orange flower captivate, and could easily sweep you away to an exotic Moroccan oasis. A sweet, crumbly cookie crust holds that dense aromatic interior. The filling … Continue reading Golossary: Torta Pastiera