Le Clos St. George

Sometimes a restaurant is all about the experience, as surely may be the case here. Sitting outside overlooking the garden and enjoying the soft early summer sun as you sip champagne strikes a favorable impression. As expected, the wine list has an incredible number of champagnes, especially from Ay, a Grand Cru, and they have a pleasantly surprising selection of half bottles. Choose a few … Continue reading Le Clos St. George

Chez L’Ami Jean

This legendary Basque bistronomique is a longstanding favorite. While prices run high, the portions are incredibly generous, and you don’t need to order much to leave feeling incredibly full. The setting is casual and friendly. Servers wear jeans and their own clothes. Arrive early and order a glass of wine for an aperitif and it will come with a small plate of sliced cured sausage. The … Continue reading Chez L’Ami Jean


Spare industrial chic, this beautiful unpretentious restaurant offers incredible value. Consider it one of the leaders of the bistronomique movement. The constantly changing fixed price five course lunch is a steal for this now starred restaurant. Service is friendly and accommodating. Garden fresh vegetables are a focal point. Raw Albacore is anchored by colorful roasted beets. Foie Gras in Lobster Broth, is a decadent duo, … Continue reading Septime

Golossary: Bistronomique

Probably one of the best things to happen to French food in the last few decades, the bistronomique movement sparked a renaissance of revitalized restaurants. Often tied to the birth of La Regalade, the bistronomique trend began when some of Paris’s top chefs abandoned their posts at fine dining restaurants and opened small casual bistros that were much less expensive. Many of these new restaurants have … Continue reading Golossary: Bistronomique


Spring is a hip and happening modern restaurant. The dining room hums with activity, as crowds come to enjoy the wonderful updated French food. Tables are arranged closely around the small open kitchen, while servers expertly navigate the narrow spaces between tables. The hum of activity adds excitement to a menu full of surprises. In fact there isn’t a menu, the chef just cooks and … Continue reading Spring

David Toutain

Sophisticated, refined and elegant. It’s French with a strong Japanese accent. An Asian aesthetic carries through to a minimalist décor inspired by nature. Service is polished and professional, and with lots of space between tables, nothing will distract you from the food which demands your attention. Let them start you off with a glass of champagne, it is a gorgeous rose, and will set the … Continue reading David Toutain

Golossary: Monte Bianco

The forefather for the French Mont Blanc, the Monte Bianco is a mountain of sweet chestnut puree and whipped cream, named after the alpine peak. The chestnuts have a subtle creamy sweetness which is complemented by the whipped cream. It is usually garnished with a candied chestnut. Variations range from piles of spaghetti looking puree topped with a bit of cream, to elegant confections of snow covered mountains … Continue reading Golossary: Monte Bianco