Riciarelli sweet almond cookies from Siena

3 Sweet Treats from Siena (or really 4)

Typical medieval Christmas cookies from Siena – now available year round. Continue reading 3 Sweet Treats from Siena (or really 4)

Scendiletto puff pastry and custard dessert from Pasticceria Stefania in Florence

Golossary: Scendiletto

One has to live in an Italian home to truly appreciate the name of this delicious but difficult to find dessert. The poor nomenclature might have something to do with its lack of popularity; by all accounts it should fly off the shelves. It is essentially a custard sandwich, with creamy, sweet custard with rich egg flavor, baked between two thin crisp layers of buttery … Continue reading Golossary: Scendiletto

Schiacciata all'uva grape flat bread traditional tuscan dessert

Golossary: Schiacciata all’Uva

The taste of Tuscany in September! This uber traditional dessert dates back centuries, an indulgent recipe for the time, due to its sugar – it was nevertheless a frugal way of using an overabundance of ingredients, in this case grapes. Even today, schiacciata all’uva swarms the shelves of bakeries, pasticcerias and supermarkets throughout Tuscany from late August to early October. Its appearance coincides with the … Continue reading Golossary: Schiacciata all’Uva