Trattoria Di’Sordo

Via Gioberti is fantastic. It is the real locals’ Florence, a thriving and vibrant shopping street, humming with activity. This is where Florentines come to shop, socialize, see and be seen. Anchoring the end nearest to the historic center, just steps from Piazza Beccaria, Trattoria Di’Sordo is another world. One can easily assume that this humble restaurant has hardly changed over the years. It is … Continue reading Trattoria Di’Sordo

Casa del Prosciutto

Locally “famous,” Casa del Prosciutto enjoys a strong reputation. This is the essence of Tuscan cuisine; meat, cured and grilled. It is a convivial little restaurant divided into multiple rooms. The downstairs is friendly and warm, upstairs is obviously overflow, crowded with harsh lighting and little charm. But sit at the entry and you can watch the staff at work, slicing salumi, pouring after dinner … Continue reading Casa del Prosciutto

Osteria Le Panzanelle

After the overdose of German, French, Dutch and English conversations you’ve heard at the tables of the other restaurants of Chianti, it is worth giving Osteria Le Panzanelle a try. Yes, you will still find tourists here. But you will also find Italians, lots of them; they come here for the great value. This small restaurant in a tiny town between Panzano and Radda in … Continue reading Osteria Le Panzanelle

Fattoria di Maiano 

From all the outward trappings, Fattoria di Maiano has all the makings of a tourist trap: tours of their olive oil production, an educational farm, even a “safari.” The majestic old family villa has been converted into room where guests can stay, and numerous large dining rooms and a terrace offer beautiful views over the olive groves and the foothills of Florence. Yet the restaurant … Continue reading Fattoria di Maiano