La Prosciutteria

Just down the street from the always bustling Antico Vinaio, La Prosciutteria is a just alternative, and much more comfortable. Like Antico Vinaio, La Prosciutteria offers stuffed schiacciatta sandwiches overloaded with flavor. Choose from among any of your favorite sliced cured meats, from mildly sweet mortadella, to rich and fatty sopprasata or the classic Tuscan finochiona. Then choose what to put on top, anything from … Continue reading La Prosciutteria

Tripperia delle Cure

Slightly outside the historical center, Le Cure is an authentic local daily market, and this popular tripperia serves the vendors and locals alike. They offer a daily rotation of lampredotto and tripe dishes. Try the Lampredotto con Porcini (with porcini mushrooms) for an interesting study in texture, the meaty mushrooms mimic the slightly resilient lampredotto that melts in the mouth. The two of which are … Continue reading Tripperia delle Cure

How to a Eat Panino con Lampredotto

This is Florentine street food. Buy it from one of the trucks/trailers turned food stands that you find at busy junctions. For the best experience, look for a stand where the patrons are Florentines. Ask for the “completo” with both salsa verde and chili sauce. Make sure you have something to drink, you’ll need it. Inexpensive red table wine in a plastic cup is ideal. … Continue reading How to a Eat Panino con Lampredotto